About Us

Mission Statement

The underlying principle of Small Wonders is the realisation that the interest of the child is the main priority and it is of paramount importance that all persons involved in our establishment adhere to the following:

  • Facilitate and promote the growth and development of the whole child.
  • Value and respect each and every child as an individual.
  • Be aware of and safeguard the rights of all children.
  • Be aware of, and endeavour to meet the needs of each child for whom they are professionally responsible.
  • Be aware that the care of the child is a shared responsibility, which must take into account the customs, values and beliefs of the family or the main carers.
  • Work in a co-operative and collaborative manner with the family to promote and safeguard the well being of the child/ren.
  • Provide a valued service for parents during their working lives.

The Aims Of The Nursery

At Small Wonders we have happy, highly motivated and well-informed staff to work hand in hand with parents to ensure that all of our children are contented educated and well rounded individuals.

Staff are chosen not only for their professional qualifications, but also for their ability to provide constant loving care and attention to the children.

Small Wonders encourage local students on childcare courses to complete their practical training with ourselves under constant supervision by our qualified staff.