Parent & Child

Baby Unit

To provide care for young babies from birth to 2 years. To encourage each child and help them to develop in a warm, loving and homely atmosphere.

Our Baby Unit is a bright, warm and stimulating environment so that even our youngest children learn through play, as each of our structured activities has a learning purpose.

Toddler & Pre-School Unit

To introduce Pre-school children between the ages of 2 and 5 to education through play. These children will be helped in developing and preparing for full time education in a bright, caring and above all fun environment.

At around two years of age children are ready to spend a little longer with activities as their attention span is increasing. They are beginning to build a small vocabulary and we encourage this through Nursery rhyme sessions, singing and story time.

We encourage expression through art and craft activities, role-play and dressing up.

From around three years of age, early reading is strongly encouraged and letter recognition developed. Basic writing and number skills are also promoted. Art and music are encouraged as is the understanding of right from wrong in addition to learning how to care, share and co-operate with others so that the children are happy, make friends and develop a positive learning attitude which is sure to benefit them in their continuing education.

Our aim is to develop each child to their full potential and give them confidence and the ability to express themselves clearly so that they can have a smooth transition to primary school.


Daily menus are displayed on the Parentís Notice Board in Reception.

The Nursery provides breakfast, lunch, a fruit snack and High Tea for children who attend a full day. Children attending a morning session only (7.30 am - 1.00 pm) will be provided with breakfast and lunch. Children attending an afternoon session (1.30 pm - 6.00 pm) will be provided with a fruit snack and High Tea.

The parents of young babies on formula milk are requested to bring clearly labelled ready-prepared bottles each day.

Breast-feeding mums may bring expressed breast milk or may return during the day to feed their baby if they prefer.

All meals are prepared freshly on the premises by our Nursery Cook and our menus are carefully planned to be varied and well balanced.

We offer a vegetarian alternative at every mealtime. If the menu proves unsuitable for your child, we are happy for you to bring your own food, labelled with the childís name.

Special Educational Needs

At Small Wonders Private Day Nursery we are committed under the 1994 Special Needs Code of Practice to work with parents and carers and liase with support agencies to identify any special educational needs a child may have in order to help the child with those needs.


Small Wonders offers parents a conveniently located Nursery and the knowledge that their children will be safe and secure and that each child will be given individual attention with the emphasis on ensuring that all children will be part of a family group with no child being left out.